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Do you have?

  • Sore aching feet/ heel pain
  • Thickened unsightly toenails
  • Painful ingrown nails
  • Hard skin/ corns
  • Joint problems
  • Diabetes
  • Shoe fitting problems
  • Foot/ leg pain with sport or work
  • Cracked heels
  • Warts
  • Children
    • pain in feet/ legs
    • unusual walking pattern
    • tripping
  • Cannot reach your feet

General Treatments

Podiatrists provide regular ongoing treatment for ingrown/thickened or fungal toenails, painless removal of corns and callus and maintenance of cracked heels.

Our Podiatry Assistant works alongside and under the direction of the Podiatrist and can assist with basic footcare (cutting toenails and mild callus skin removal) when the specialist skills of a Podiatrist are not required.

Nail Treatments

For persistent ingrown toenails.

A procedure that involves local anaesthetic injected into the toe(s) and part of or all of the nail is permanently removed.
The procedure is performed within the clinic in a clean and sterile environment.
All appointments and dressings required are provided.

Foot Orthotics

Orthotics are an insert that fits into most shoes to help support, align or improve foot function.
Before orthotics are issued, the Podiatrist will thoroughly assess leg and foot function and the cause of your pain. This assessment will determine which type of orthotic is right for you.

We provide onsite adjustments/modifications and re-covering for orthotics.

Foot Mobilisation Technique - ‘FMT’

FMT is a hands on approach to improving joint mobility in the feet.

A series of gentle and painless techniques and exercises are used to help achieve pain free movement, flexibility and strength to improve foot function.


People with diabetes should have an annual foot check with their Podiatrist.
A diabetes foot check will assess blood circulation, nerve function, foot structure and footwear to identify any risks and prevent foot ulceration and infection.

Sports Injury & Prevention

Love your sport?
Is foot/ leg pain holding you back?
Foot and heel pain, achilles tendonitis, shin splints and knee pain are common lower limb sporting injuries that need to be managed.

The Podiatrist will assess footwear, orthoses, stretching/ strengthening program and work with your Physio/ Chiropractor or Masseur for your best outcome.

Gait Analysis

If you're into running, our Video Gait Analysis can help identify where your problem is coming from. We can observe pelvic, hip, knee and foot and ankle anomalies as you are running.

This enables the podiatrist to identify the most effective treatment plan for you.

You will be given a written report with recommendations and a copy of the video.

Home Visits

Home visits can be arranged for medically
ill or house bound clients.

A fee of $30 is added onto the cost of the
consultation for home visits.
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