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Off to the beach?

When you slip slop slap this summer, don't forget your feet. On the first day at the beach or in your thongs it's important to use sun screen on the top of your feet. The skin in this area has not been exposed to the sun all winter and is very susceptible to burning.

Time for a footwear check

When the sun starts to come out more often we all start to venture outdoors and get back to our daily walking or start an exercise regime. 
But are your shoes up to the job? 
Worn out shoes are a bit like worn out tyres on a car, they can lead to poor performance or a complete blow out causing foot injury and pain. Sport shoes should have tread on the sole, not be worn smooth or showing uneven wear. 
Flat feet need different shoes to high arched feet and foot orthotics need to be fitted correctly to be comfortable and achieve the correct alignment. 
All new clients should bring their regular footwear to their initial appointment. It's best to do this before purchasing new shoes.

Pre-Winter Warning - "Chilblains"

When the cooler weather sets in we always see a few clients in the clinic suffering from chilblains, and prevention is the best medicine. Chilblains typically occur on the toes, and appear as sore, red, swollen, itchy discolourations on the skin. At worst the skin breaks and becomes a wound prone to infection. Chilblains are an inflammatory response of small blood vessels occurring when the skin gets very cold and then is suddenly warmed up. People of all ages can get chilblains, but those with poor circulation and diabetes are at greatest risk. 

Keeping your feet warm from Autumn and throughout Winter is important, and the best way to do this is to pay attention to your socks and shoes. Natural fibre wool socks and enclosed leather footwear is best. Bed socks are also a great idea. At Warrnambool Foot Clinic we stock Australian made Humphrey Law Health socks featuring a large percentage of wool and no tight elastic tops or seams that rub your toes. Thin wool socks are ideal for ladies shoes. Cushion sole socks provide warmth and padding under the foot. Thermal socks are great for farmers or those in industry. The Coolmax bed socks are always popular.
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